Energy Services

Capacity Leasing

Today's electrical power challenges for critical demand businesses:

  • The need for dependable primary and secondary backup power
  • Unreliability of inhouse diesel generators during extended long term operations
  • The need to divert the liability and lower the risk of business interruption
  • The requirement to expand internal human resources with expertise in power generation
  • The need to move electrical switchgear to higher grounds
  • Need to have assets with multiple fuel capabilities
  • Higher backup/prime power generation assets cost
  • The need to allocate internal space to install backup generators
  • The need to utilize the generation assets during off demand time
  • The cost of scheduled generator exercise and testing

“Lotus Capacity Lease means highly dependable power managed by industry experts at a fraction of self-operated asset cost with diverted liability”

Capacity Leasing is providing a backup electrical capacity through dedicated on demand gas turbine generators.

The Mobile generation equipment is positioned in a dedicated location outside your facilities and connected to a pre-configured shore power system. This provides your facilities with highly dependable backup electrical energy.

When emergency power supply in no longer required the generation assets are moved to Lotus local facilities and provide power to local electrical grid.

The generation assets are located at multiple locations within the metropolitan areas (selected based on avoidance of any bridge and tunnel crossings and access to centers with multiple available routes)

The ability to utilize the generation assets during off-demand time lowers the cost while maintaining and insuring On-demand power availability

Lotus Capacity Leasing Solution:

1-Need for dependable backup power

Lotus provides a shore power connection to connect a gas turbine generator to the existing infrastructure to provide dependable power to the entire building.

2-Lack of reliability of in-house diesel generator during long-term operations

Lotus Gas turbine generators are designed to have continuous operations for 8000hrs with fewer than 3 minutes from start to full load.

3-Need to divert the liability

Lotus is committed and liable to provide the electrical energy to site within the time frame agreed to.

4-Need to expand internal human resources with expertise in power generation

Lotus staff is the best in the industry and we operate and maintain demand capacity generator units for our clients, no need for local staffing by the capacity leasing client.

5-Need to move switch gear to higher grounds

Part of the process of installing shore power connector Lotus will move the main switch gear to higher grounds to insure better equipment safety.

6-Need to have assets with multiple fuel capabilities

Lotus Gas turbine generators are all dual fueled operating at a wide range of liquid and gas fuel products with expanding capability of steam generation for customer heating.

7-Higher backup/prime power generation assets cost

Lotus operates the generation assets during the off demand time which lowers the client's recurring cost. (Operating Capacity leasing agreement)

8-Need for local space to install generators

Lotus generators are mobile units that park in designated emergency parking spots outside the building to eliminate the need for internal space. (15MW of capacity in 4 parking spots ideal 3 spots is necessary)

Lotus Generator Advantages:

1-Lotus Gas Turbines Generators:

Lotus generators are GE, Siemens and Pratt and Whitney core generators.

2- Noise Reduction Systems:

Included on all of Lotus Capacity leasing generation assets reducing the noise to fractions that of Diesel backup generators.

3- Emissions:

Lotus gas turbine generators conform to all U.S. / E.U. Emission requirements.

4- Mobility:

  • Lotus Gas turbine generators are mobile units with a minimum foot print of 4 parking spots for 7-15 MW units and 3 legal parking spots for 700 kW through 6.5 MW
  • Lotus Shore Power Connector Bridge sits 14' above the sidewalk with double harness locks and auto stop for partial disconnection
  • Additional ground anchors and connection points allow the generator to feed power within 10 minutes from parking in designated spots
  • 2 spare complete generator systems are located at Lotus local site for quad redundancy
  • Automatic transfer switching onsite for customer
  • The generation units mobilize with spare part assets, staffing and designated spot clearance asset

5- Fuel capabilities:

Lotus Gas turbines come with dual fuel systems capable of switching between different fuels on demand; this capability allows the generators to operate on any available fuel source 1-Liquid fuel capabilities including Diesels, Marine oil, heavy fuel oil, kerosene, jet fuels JP1, JP5, JP8 2-Gas fuels capabilities including Natural Gas and LPG

6- Combined Cycle (CHP)

Modular exhaust system allows the Lotus Capacity Leasing generators to attach to Lotus mobile boiler systems; the system uses turbine exhaust to generate steam required for building operations (additional capability)

7- Reliability

  • As an Aero-derivative gas turbine Lotus generators are designed for continuous operations and capable of running uninterrupted for 4400 hours+ (over 6 months) without urgent need for inspection stops
  • Gas turbine generators don't require oil changes every 200 to 300 hours
  • Flooding resistance of 12 feet high water surge with salt water insulation, the generator enclosure openings located above the 12' surge line giving the generator the capability to operate mostly submerged
  • Fuel filtration skid with bypass system is included with the Capacity Leasing equipment. This allows the generators to operate with fuel contamination to a certain extent (particles and water)
  • Lotus gas turbine generators are based on Aeroderivative systems utilizing aerospace components that are designed to operate in extreme conditions.

Value of Lotus Capacity Leasing

1. Quad redundancy capability

2. Full utilization of generation units during downtime lowering the final cost

3. Full integration with current infrastructure

4. Stable power output (voltage and freq.)

5. Automatic shore power connection

6. Rapid deployment with major immediate power availability

7. No additional in house staffing required

8. Lotus expert staff operate and maintain all generation assets

9. Dual site coverage using single generation asset (customer directing to primary or D.R. Site)

10. Pre-planned route testing and setup

11. Environmental disposal of refuse upon disconnecting from customer site

12. GEM managed

13. GEM monitoring of customer site and automatic dispatch of generation assets to site

14. Lowest backup cost and most dependable backup system in the industry