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Lotus Energy Group is a global energy infrastructure provider with focus on high efficiency Gas turbine generation, Advanced energy development projects, renewable energy integration and retail generation systems. The corporate U.S. headquarters are located in New York. Lotus Energy Group focuses on providing complete and sensible electrical energy solutions for a variety of customers, which range from governments to power utilities to large structure developers.

Lotus Energy Group integrates clean power generation alternatives with conventional methods to provide a integrated energy solution.

The integrated energy solution is designed to continue moving forward towards highly efficient energy generation and demand availability.


Lotus Energy Group provides the following services:



In 2006, Lotus began its journey deploying Gas Turbine, Solar and Wind based low, or no emissions technology to power commercial and industrial needs within the United States.

While expanding US based projects, Lotus Energy Group, was approached to develop a solution for the Government of Timor-Leste.  The nation had little to no structure in place, so the Lotus team traversed the entire area in an adverse conditions to create an innovative design that would incorporate the area’s natural resources most effectively, Lotus remained focused on supplying the lowest emissions possible solution to power the growing nation. 

Following Lotus’ pivotal design for Timor-Leste, they were led to another opportunity in Egypt, where Lotus Energy created a power solution for the Southwestern Red Sea Region of Egypt, Marsa  Alam.  The massive project powered dozens of hotels, resorts, hundreds of homes and villas, several water parks, medical facilities, retail locations; every element requiring energy, from fully functioning medical facilities to street lights are still powered with Lotus’ reliable technology. The Lotus name is reflected throughout the area by providing a long term sustainable and reliable solution. Lotus commitment to service and to powering the world only strengthened from there. Lotus was then asked to design a power grid solution for multiple governments and municipalities including Gibraltar, ETF, Ports Authority among others.

Currently Lotus Energy Group is continuing its commitment to providing low emissions global energy infrastructure with a focus on deployment of distributed generation and micro-grid projects in both the private and public sectors.  Lotus unique product offering in performance and service have placed the company at the forefront of the energy industry

“Our Commitment to top Performance as a team remains our primary Strategy”

Stefan Amraly


Corporate responsibility:

  • Developing, building, owning and operating power generation assets

  • Advanced site studies including environmental, financial and valuation modeling.

  • Distributed Generation network design and construction.

  • Developing and owning medium voltage electrical transmission assets.

  • Construction and maintenance of transmission and distribution grids.

  • Generation efficiency

    At the heart of our vision cooperate responsibility does not end with conventional green methods, While replanting trees in the rain forest and investing in Solar development projects in rural areas remain very important. we believe that true corporate responsibility can go further and focus on enhancing the efficiency of every generation assets thus eliminating significant amount of emission.

    Lotus Combined cycle gas turbine and advanced Airo-derivative systems saves on average 30% of emission in comparison to old technology single cycle generation.

    "The harder we pushed to lower emissions the more we realized how large the possibilities are and how inspiring the solutions can be.   If we harness the progress of the past with environmentally sound improvements and technologies, we can maintain and improve output, while drastically reducing emissions and other negative environmental factors.”

    Stefan Amraly

    Chief Executive Officer

    Lotus Energy Group