TL Gas Turbine up to 7 MW

At the heart of the Lotus Energy TL-45 Turbine Power Unit is an engine that has a proven track record in the high demand aviation industry. Constant improvement is a way of life at Lotus Energy. The TL-45 is designed in cooperation with industry leading partners (Siemens, ABB, Pratt & Whitney, GE, Honeywell and Arrow) ensuring a reliable Turbine Generator that meets all the design objectives. The Lotus Energy Mission is - “Deliver cost effective power solutions with no un-scheduled downtime”. All this is backed by our 2 year 8,000 hour warranty. The Lotus Factory team will perform start up and commissioning at no additional cost.

Performance – GE powered
Output 6000 shp 4500 kW
SFC 0.443 lb/shp-hr
Heat Rate 8,140 Btu/ shp-hr
  10,916 Btu/kWs-hr
  11,520 kJ/kWs-hr
Exhaust Gas Flow 35.9 lb/sec (16.5kg/sec)
Exhaust Temp. 1,049º F (565º C)
Power Turbine Speed 7000 RPM
Fuel Natural Gas, liquid fuels
Average Performance 60 Hz, 59ºF, sea level, 60% relative humidity, no inlet or exhaust losses.
Performance - Generator
Output 4500 kW / Max 4850 kW
Voltage @ 50 Hz 6,300 – 11,000
Voltage @ 60 Hz 6,600 – 12,407
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Shipping Dimensions Standard non Mobile units:
Length: 240”
Width: 96”
Height: 108”
Weight: 54,973 lbs.


  • Precision robotic welding of all assemblies
  • Enclosure walls are load bearing, modular, and removable for quick access for major maintenance
  • Full enclosure insulation
  • Electrostatic painting and corrosion protection
  • Integrated fuel tanks - diesel and dual fuel only
  • Sound attenuated inlet and exhaust
GEM™ – Global Energy Management
  • Global energy management GEMTM is a global energy predication and control system
  • The system monitors short-term future renewable energy production at all member sites, based on the predicted energy generation capacity the system purchases thermal fuel from the open market at the lowest possible price.
  • The system intelligence monitors the oil and gas market and purchases fuel for short term needs at the lowest price.
  • Economic models build into the system predicates short term oil & gas prices based on current market data.
  • The system autonomously starts and operates different generators at the member sites to achieve maximum cost efficiency for the operator
  • Siemens Simatic HMI access flat touch screen rugged control panel, approved for use in hazardous zones, programming by Siemens and Lotus with GEMTM interface
  • Live data feed to remote monitoring and control package based on control system with redundant processor
  • Lotus electronic synchronizer in paralleling applications
  • Full authority Turbine digital controls


DH Package – Dust and Heat

  • FOD rejection module (Foreign object debris)
  • Secondary lubrication filters
  • High flow lubrication cycle
  • Secondary fuel filtration system and external filtration skid
  • High air flow enclosure venting
  • Enclosure air filtration
  • Generator secondary cooling cycle
  • Electronic controls cooling – FDA
  • Fully sealed enclosure
  • Exterior control station canopy

CC Package – Cold Climate (freezing and/or wet)

  • Fully insulated enclosure
  • Anti-Gelling lubrication system
  • Heated exterior fuel port and auxiliary heating connection
  • Enclosure heater
  • Battery tray warmer
  • Heavy duty/ Deep cycle batteries
  • Anti-icing air intake
  • Anti-icing water build-up exhaust system
  • Slip protection grip floors
  • Extra exterior lighting
  • Natural light interior lighting system
  • Slopped enclosure roof for snow and water drainage
  • Fully enclosed exterior management port
  • Heated key lock for ice protection
  • Specialized lubricants for heated parts

Noise Management Package – Various levels of sound attenuation

Paralleling Packages

Mobile Packages

Maintenance Packages

Operating Packages