Energy Services

Global Energy Management (GEM)

"(GEM™)” combines local and grid energy sources to provide a complete solution, which uses local sources as the primary source, supplementing with conventional methods.

With current available technologies the appropriate energy system consist of a mixed generation sources.

The most economic and environmentally friendly generation system consists of renewable and thermal based energy generation.

Global energy management GEM™ is a global energy production predication and control system.

The system monitors short-term energy production at all member sites, based on the predicted energy generation capacity the system purchases thermal fuel from the open market at the lowest possible price.

The system intelligence monitors the oil and gas market and purchases fuel for short-term needs at the lowest price.

Economic models build into the system predicates short-term fuel prices based on current market data.

The system autonomously starts and operates different generators at the member sites to achieve maximum cost efficiency for the operator.

The system utilizes paralleling switchgear to remain connected to the Grid at all times.

Benefits of the Integrated Solution (GEM™):

  • Shift towards renewable energy reduces reliance on electric subsidies.
  • A renewable energy system saves a significant and quantifiable amount of carbon emissions.
  • Large-scale use of renewable energy leads to increased economic security.
  • The combination of renewable energy & conventional sources allows for optimal reliability in power service.
  • Considerably lower fuel cost per kWh produced as compared to traditional sources of generation.
  • Significantly lower exposure to volatility risk associated with fossil fuels pricing.
  • Renewable energy allows for a consistent kWh cost.
  • Increases the efficiency of individual renewable energy systems.
  • SCADA Compatible.
  • Renewable sources are directly located at interconnection points.

GEM™ is an optimal method of transitioning from a hydrocarbon based energy sector to one integrated with sustainable forms of energy.