Energy Services

Lotus Shore To Ship ( S2ST ) Energy Solution

Lotus Energy Energy Group Shore to Ship technology provides electrical energy for ships at port. The system consists of shore side electrical power for docked ships at port.

The connection enable ships to shut off onboard engines and utilize the electrical power available at the port, this practice is known as "Cold Iron"

Lotus installs mobile power generation station with environmental control SCR unit, the generated power is supplied to docked ships through a shore power cabling connection system.


Value of Ship to Shore

During a 10-hour stay in port, the diesel engines of a single cruise ship burn 20 metric tons of fuel and produce 60 metric tons of carbon dioxide. This is equivalent to the total yearly emissions of 25 average-sized cars, which can be eliminated by supplying the ship's infrastructure with shore-side power.

With the typical wind direct at ports blowing from the sea side ship's emissions presents a significant concern about impact on the highly populated area

  • Lotus power generation system utilizes a high efficiency combined cycle generation system to consume the least amount of fuel.

  • Final exhaust after the combined cycle is scrubbed using an SCR unit to significantly lower final emission output.

  • Lotus solution consumes 40% less fuel and cut NOx emission by over 60 times.

  • Lotus solution eliminates 10 cars off the road for 1 year every time a ship docks for 10 hours which means eliminating over 1000 cars a year at 100 visiting ships.

  • Low cost to cruise ships which results in an increases of visiting ships.

  • Additional generation capacity available for domestic demand matching.


Economic impact:

  • Lotus Ship to shore energy solution lowers fuel consumption cost for ships at port by up to 40%. This serves as an initiative to attract additional port calls to ports with Shore to ship capabilities.

  • Lower maintenance operating cost for the ship operators.

  • Tax revenue from Lotus generated local commerce activities.

  • Lower domestic health care cost due to the lower emissions.

  • Free up additional domestic fuel storage capacity.





Lotus Direct Development Ship to Shore Energy Solution

1- Lotus sells the power to visiting ships at port directly.
2- The generation station is located inside the Seaport
3- Lotus provides the service for the cruise ships for a 5 year term renewable at the end of term.
4- Lotus invests in and installs all connection and equipment required to complete the project.
5- Lotus generation station is dual frequency (50hz-60hz) capable of providing electrical energy to the port and region for demand peaking
6- Lotus manages fuel supply to the power station .
7- Lotus installs a 130% of anticipated capacity demand per connection tower
8- Lotus install 2 connection towers per 1000 feet of pier, 1 fixed and 1 on rails to adjust to ship position.



Additional electrical generation capacity:

-Lotus installed generation capacity is capable of switching between 50 and 60hz and connecting to the local electricity network, this ability enables Lotus's S2S power plants to be utilized for demand matching or as a backup during major systems failures.



Shore power global implementation

Current ports with shore power connection in Operation:
1- Juneau AK
2- Vancouver, BC
3- Seattle, WA
4- San Francisco, CA
5- San Diego, CA
6- Los Angeles, CA

Ports planned Shore Power connection:

1- Brooklyn, NY
2- Civitavecchia, Italy
3- Barcelona, Spain
4- Stockholm, Sweden expansion
5- Rotterdam, The Netherlands
6- Victoria, Canada
7- Venice, Italy - In process
8- Oslo - currently supplied to ferries, considering cruise ships
9- Stockholm 2 - currently supplied to ferries, considering cruise ships